List of Accredited Colleges of Education in Nigeria

List of accredited Federal, State and Private Colleges of Education in Nigeria.

colleges of education in nigeria

Below are the list of Federal, State and Private Colleges of Education in Nigeria with their locations.


Colleges of Education In Nigeria.

1Federal College of Education (Technical), AsabaFederal College of EducationAsaba, Delta State.
2Federal College of Education, KanoFederal College of EducationKano City, Kano State.
3Federal College of Education (Special), OyoFederal College of EducationOyo, Oyo State.
4College of Education, GindiriState College of EducationGindiri, Plateau State.
5Adamawa State College of Education, HongState College of EducationYola, Adamawa State.
6Tai Solarin College of Education, Ijebu-OdeState College of EducationIjebu-Ode, Ogun State.
7College of Education, Ikere-EkitiState College of EducationIkere-Ekiti, Ekiti State.
8Ebonyi State College of Education, IkwoState College of EducationIkwo, Ebonyi State.
9College of Education, WarriState College of EducationEdjeba Road, Warri, Delta Stat
10FCT College of Education, ZubaState College of EducationZuba, Garki, FCT Abuja.
11Institute of Ecumenical Education, (Thinkers Corner), EnuguPrivate College of EducationEnugu, Enugu State.
12Osisatech College of Education, EnuguState College of EducationEnugu, Enugu State.
13Delar College of EducationPrivate College of EducationAgodi Gate, Ibadan, Oyo State
14Federal College of Education, AbeokutaFederal College of EducationAbeokuta, Ogun State
15Federal College of Education, Eha-AmufuFederal College of EducationEha Amufu, Enugu State.
16Federal College of Education (Technical), GombeFederal College of EducationGombe, Gombe State.
17Federal College of Education, KontagoraFederal College of EducationKontagora, Niger State.
18Federal College of Education, OkeneFederal College of EducationOkene, Kogi State.
19Federal College of Education (Technical), OmokuFederal College of EducationOMoku, Rivers State.
20Federal College of Education (Tech), PotiskumFederal College of EducationPotiskum, Yobe State
21Nasarrawa State College of Education, AkwangaState College of EducationAkwanga, Nassarawa State.
22Isa Kaita College of Education, Dutsin-MaState College of EducationDutsin-Ma, Katsina State.
23College of Education, Ekiadolor-BeninState College of EducationEkiadolor-Benin, Edo State
24College of Education, Gashua, DamaturuState College of EducationGashua, Yobe state.
25Kaduna State College of Education, Gidan-Waya, KafanchanState College of EducationKafanchan, Kaduna State.
26Osun State College of Education, IlesaState College of EducationIlesa, Osun State.
27Kwara State College of Education, IlorinState College of EducationIlorin, Kwara State.
28Kwara State College of EducationState College of EducationOro, Kwara State.
29College of Education, katsina-AlaState College of EducationKatsina-Ala, Benue State.
30Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education, Kumbotso, KanoState College of EducationKumbotso, Kano State.
31College of Education (Technical), LafiagiState College of EducationLafiagi, Kwara State.
32Nwafor Orizu College of Education, NsugbeState College of EducationNsugbe, Anambra State.
33Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Otto/IjanikinState College of EducationOtto/Ijanikin, Lagos State.
34Alvan Ikoku College of Education, OwerriFederal College of EducationOwerri, Imo State.
35Emmanuel Alayande College of Education (EACOED), OyoState College of EducationOyo, Oyo State.
36College of Education, Waka BIUState College of EducationWaka BIU, Borno State.
37St. Augustine College of Education (Project Time), LagosState College of EducationYaba, Lagos State.
38City College of Education, Mararaba, GurkuPrivate College of EducationMararaba, Gurku, Nasarawa Stat
39Federal College of Education (Technical), AkokaFederal College of EducationAkoka, Lagos State.
40Federal College of Education (Technical), BichiFederal College of EducationBichi, Kano State
41Federal College of Education (Technical), GusauFederal College of EducationGusau, Zamfara State.
42Federal College of Education, KatsinaFederal College of EducationKatsina, Katsina State.
43Federal College of Education, ObuduFederal College of EducationObudu, Cross River State.
44Adeyemi College of Education, OndoFederal College of EducationOndo, Ondo State.
45Federal College of Education, PankshinFederal College of EducationPankshin, Plateau State.
46Federal College of Education, YolaFederal College of EducationYola, Adamawa State.
47Delta State College of Education, AgborState College of EducationAgbor, Delta State
48Federal College of Education, Zaria10.Federal College of EducationZaria, Kaduna State.
49Akwa Ibom State College of Education, AfahansitState College of EducationAfahansit, Akwa Ibom State.
50Kogi State College of Education, AnkpaState College of EducationAnkpa, Kogi state.
51Adamu Augie College of Education, ArgunguState College of EducationArgungu, Kebbi State.
52College of Education, AzareState College of EducationAzare, Bauchi State
53Umar Ibn Ibrahim El-Kanemi College of Education, Science and Technology, BamaState College of EducationBama, Borno State.
54Nigerian Army School of Education (NASE), IlorinFederal College of EducationIlorin, Kwara State.
55College of Education, JalingoState College of EducationJalingo, Taraba State.
56Zamfara State College of Education, MaruState College of EducationMaru, Zamfara State.
57Jigawa State College of Education, GumelState College of EducationGumel, Jigawa State.
58Niger State College of Education, MinnaState College of EducationMinna, Niger State.
59Rivers College of Education, RumuolumeniState College of EducationPort-harcourt, Rivers State.
60Shehu shagari College of Education, SokotoState College of EducationSokoto, Sokoto State.
61Jama’Atu College of Education (JACE), KadunaState College of EducationKaduna, Kaduna State.
62Ansar-Ud-Deen College of Education, IsoloPrivate College of EducationOshodi, Isolo, Lagos State.
63Yewa Central College of Education, AyetoroPrivate College of EducationAyetoro, Ogun State.
64Federal College of Education (T), UmunzeFederal College of EducationUmunze
65College of Education, Arochukwu, AbiaState College of EducationArochukwu Abia State
66College of Education, Ila-Orangun, Osun StateState College of EducationIla-Orangun, Osun State
67Michael Otedola Coll. of Prim. Education, LagosState College of EducationNoforija-Epe Lagos
68Kashim Ibrahim College of Educ., MaiduguriState College of Education
69Delta State Coll. of Physical Education, MosogarState College of EducationMosogar, Sapele, Delta State
70Enugu State Coll. of Education (T), EnuguState College of EducationAbakaliki Road, Enugu State
71Cross River State Coll. of Education, AkampaState College of EducationAkampa, Calabar, Cross River S
72Edo State College of Education, IguebenState College of EducationIgueben, Edo State
73Isaac Jasper Boro COE, SagbamaState College of EducationSagbama, Yenogoa, Bayelsa Stat
74Kogi State College of Education, KabbaState College of EducationKabba, Kogi State
75OSISA Tech. Coll. of Education, EnuguPrivate College of EducationEnugu, Enugu State
76St. Augustine Coll. of Education, LagosPrivate College of EducationAkoka, Lagos
77African Thinkers Community of Inquiry, EnuguPrivate College of EducationEnugu, Enugu State
78Muftau Olanihun College of Education, IbadanPrivate College of EducationIbadan
79Havard Wilson College of Education, AbaPrivate College of EducationAba, Abia State State
80Muhyideen College of Education, IlorinPrivate College of EducationIlorin
81College of Education, OffaPrivate College of EducationOffa, Kwara State
82Bauchi Institute of Arabic & Islamic Studies, BauchiPrivate College of EducationBauchi
83Corner Stone College of Education, lagosPrivate College of EducationUnilag, Lagos
84Peaceland College of Education, EnuguPrivate College of EducationEnugu
85The College of Education, NsukkaPrivate College of EducationEnugu

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