Dual Whatsapp Account On Android – 2019

Dual Whatsapp Account On AndroidWhatsapp is commonly used and a rather popular messenger apps for smartphone device. It is available for almost all mobile platform including Android, IOS, Symbian etc. With the help of whatsapp we can send text, images, Audio, video etc to our friends, relatives. Whatsapp have some limitations link we can’t send few important files like xls, doc and more. In our previous article we also solved this problem which was about send files on whatsapp. Another reason for the popularity of whatsapp is its new feature like whatsapp free calling. You can also check hide images and video from gallery to inclease privacy. Something we accidentally delete phone data. Along with everything, whatsapp database also gets deleted then all the chat, files become inaccessible. So we recommend to read restore deleted messages whatsapp.
Today in this tutorial we are rather going to discuss about using two whatsapp account on same device. Usually we use Android phones which have Dual Sim functionality. But whats app allow you to create only one Account on one Device. We can create two whatsapp account for our both number but we can’t access them at same time on same device. In some condition we use two number like one for profession and second one for family. We want to keep in touch with both whatsapp account. Hence, If you also suffering from this problem then this article is really for you. Today we will explain how to Use dual whatsapp account on single Android device.

How To Run Dual Whatsapp Account On Android.

Method 1:- Dual Whatsapp Account By Using WhatsMapp Solo.

WhatsMapp solo is an Amazing App. By using this App we can Easily create another Whatsapp account on the single Android device. It provide custom icons, Status bar color changing in Lollipop version. Its one of the important feature is it is a antiban App.
Dual Whatsapp account By Using WhatsMapp Solo

Steps To Create Account On WhatsMapp Solo.

1. First you have to download this App and install into your Android phone. you can download it from the button shown below.
Download Button2. Follow the same steps as you follow to make a whatsapp account. Don’t use the same number to create an account.

3. If you face some problem then you should backup and remove the original whatsapp and after that install this App.

Method 2:- Dual Whatsapp By Using OG WhatsApp.

Dual Whatsapp By Using OG WhatsApp

Steps To Create Account On OGWhatsapp.

1. First you have to backup your chats from the Whatsapp settings. You have to go to WhatsApp settings >> chat settings >> Back Up chats.
Dual whatsapp ogwhatsapp chat settings
2. Then you have go to your phone settings >> Apps >> whatsapp and click on it and tap the clear data option.
Android app info clear data for dual whatsapp
3. Now go to your whatsapp folder whether it is located on phone storage and SD card and rename it to OGwhatsApp.
4. Uninstall your original whatsapp.
5. Now you have to download this App and then install into your Android phone. You can also download it from the button shown below.
Download Button
6. Create your Account and then, enjoy the trick.
7. Download original whatsapp create/ restore your old account. Hence, you have dual Account.
Note:- In some devices second method may or may not works then we recommend to try first method.

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