How To Restrict Autostart And Background Apps On Android,Save Data, Battery And RAM


Is your Android smartphone laggy, Do annoying ads pop up every single minute disrupting the smooth use of your android smartphone? this is the handworks of uncontrolled auto start and background running apps.

Android smartphones are built to serve us simultaneously, this is the reason why apps we tend to close stick or stay running in the background, searching or waiting for information to dispatch Android smartphones are also built to allow apps to start Automatically any time we power on the phone, the reason for this is to lessen the stress of launching every handy app anytime we turn our smartphone on, handy apps like WhatsApp, telegram, messages, call recording apps, call identity apps like Truecaller or root apps like Purify, greenify etc, since most of these apps are what ensure smooth running of our preconfigured setting its ideal that they start up automatically, but sometimes other apps join the queue of autostart, thus running in the background of our smartphone without our knowledge, sucking some juice out of our battery life, consuming some bites from our phones RAM and exhausting our data.

Are there means to restrict Autostart and Background running apps on Android smartphones? you might ask, read on as this post will do a little justice to that question.

Although recent versions of Android OS (android version 5.0 +) has a default system options that give users control over which app should start up automatically, but the earlier versions( 4.4 -) of Android are still suffering from this non-controlled autostart, even with the ability to control auto start on these later versions of Android, stopping background running apps is still an issue,  I will unveil on the post a simple method that will give you control over which app should start automatically or run in the background of your android smartphone, with this method you can control those unwanted ads pops, social network notifications, unknown background apps that drain your battery faster, cause unnecessary lagging(hanging) due to RAM consumption and consuming our internet data.

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How To Restrict Autostart And Background Apps On Android

How To Restrict Autostart And Background Apps On Android version 5.0 or later(5.1 lollipop, 6.0 marshmallow, 7.0 nougat etc)

  • Navigate to your phone settings, click on Security
  • Then Auto-start Management and toggle off any app you don’t want to start up automatically any time you power on your phone, doing this will stop those apps from starting up automatically, however, this doesn’t take care of background apps so you still need the next tweak to cut off those annoying background apps.

How To Restrict Autostart And Background Apps On Android regardless of the version

TO  restrict Auto start and background apps on android follow the instructions below:

  • Download and install any of the apps below
  • Purify, get it on play store on download directly from here  Download
  • Greenify, get it on play store on download directly from here Download
  • You will need root access enabled on your device for this apps to work smoothly on your device, though they do work out well without root, if you have not acquired root yet then check out on how to do so without pc on this post
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How To Restrict Autostart And Background Apps On Android With Purify

  • Install and launch the purify, most times when you root your device using kingroot Purify is installed automatically,
  • Give purify root access and click on the three dots on the upper right,
    select deep purify
    select Auto purify
    a window the list of your apps will emerge click on any app you wish to control its autostart option and toggle the options on
    To disable autostart on any app turn the Block Autostart option on
    To disable background running on any app turn the Auto kill option on as shown below


  • Turning the auto kill option on for any app will automatically kill the background process of app few munites after exit or minimize
  • You can modify the changes any time you desire.
  • You can equally use the boost option on Purify to boost your phones speed anytime it gets laggy.

How To Restrict Autostart And Background Apps On Android With Greenify

  • launch Greenify and allow root access when prompted
  • click on the + Icon and add apps you wish to kill its background process
  • select the app and click the marked sign to add it to the list of to-be hibernated apps
  • click on any of the added apps, then on the three dots  and select the hibernation mode you want for the app, from default to normal or deep hibernation mode, hibernation here is another word for Auto kill,
    the default mode is ideal if you want the hibernation to wait for some couple of minutes after you exit the app before taking place,while the normal mode will probably hibernate faster than the default mode, same is applied to deep hibernation mode which will hibernate( close the background process of ) the app immediately you exit it
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  • You can remove (whitelist) any app from hibernation by selecting “Degreenify selected app” on the option.

Note: hibernating or Auto killing background process of any app will restart the app any time you exit it for some minutes, you should whitelist apps you wish to keep running on the background after exit, apps like purify, true caller, email apps or chat apps like WhatsApp.

I hope this post answered your questions, do well to let us know how the tweak went for you, you can as well share any other app you might be using to solve this same problem.

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