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5 Lesser-Known Facts about IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad is among the top IITs that shape the brightest minds. Established in 2008, IIT Ahmedabad is famous among the students exploring IIT-level studies. The institute is approved by AICTE and recognized by UGC. If you are planning to opt for a degree in this esteemed institute, then you must know some things which make this institute special.

Lesser Known Facts About IIT Ahmedabad

Given below are the IIT Ahmedabad details that make students get into this prestigious institute to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The strict deadlines, exceptional faculty, and interesting students make it all worthwhile.


The pedagogy used in the institute is well-known and highly influenced by Harvard instructional practices. The case-based approach places a lot more emphasis on practical application than on academic understanding. Teaching methodologies are one thing, but the best part about the institute is the faculty members. The exceptional faculty members don’t instruct, instead, they induce theatrics, philosophies, and life lessons. While some play KBC with you on the hot seat, others use Bollywood classics and other instrumental techniques.


Diversity among students is yet another liberating feature of IIT Ahmedabad. The student batch constitutes CAs, lawyers, rocket scientists, fashion designers, ex-consultants, and freshmen- as diverse as the group can get. Additionally, it is not just who these people are, but also all they have done. The institute is a home to diverse people inclusive of professional athletes, traditional Hindustani musicians, successful business people, social activists, Masters graduates to freshers. All of them learn from each other and grow.


IIM Ahmedabad is wired by a culture that has been fostered for more than fifty years. The campus is filled with references to IIM Ahmedabad’s heritage and how it has developed while staying true to its traditions. Everyone on campus makes an effort to recognise and absorb the past of the institution.


The most beloved location on campus is the Vikram Sarabhai Library. The library’s five floors include a reading area, a work area, conference spaces, and a children’s section. It’s more than just a library; it’s a hub for exploration. It provides some incredible services, including 3D printing, virtual reality equipment, e-readers, and a huge number of databases and news services. On the third floor, there are sleeping pods for when one is done exploring.


The IIM Ahmedabad alumni are more than just a group of former students. They are the individuals who have lived an experience of a lifetime. It is not unusual to see individuals talking nostalgically outside your door, only to discover that they are alumni who are only seeing who is occupying their old rooms. Everyone has anecdotes from their time on campus, including wild conversations, close calls with death, and times of unending fun, which keep them firmly attached to the famous institute.


On that account, we conclude the list of the special things about this reputable institute. If you want to know about IIT Ahmedabad details, online courses, fees, placements, and more, you can visit CollegeSearch. CollegeSearch is one of the largest educational platforms that connects students, colleges, and alumni.