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Jesus’ Ultimate Teaching

Rear view of students in a classroom while getting taught.

Jesus attempted so difficult to educate us how to reside in harmony with God (the daddy). Yet we’ve overlooked his teachings which will ensure eternal existence (salvation) in the existence of our heavenly Father. I write this because I don’t want anybody to overlook the boat when it’s very easy to avoid.

Jesus told us to like our opponents to ensure that we might be kids of our Father in paradise. Is that this an essential teaching? If we don’t follow this teaching can we lose our ticket to paradise?

A Christian was requested if he’d feed a hungry child. The Christian responded, “Confident that the kid is really a Christian.”

Jesus trained when we simply love individuals who love us (or are Christian?) then how shall we be different compared to publicans? When we salute only our brethren, then we are much like everybody else. That is what the publicans do. Matthew 44-48.

Why did Jesus inform us to like our opponents therefore we might be kids of our heavenly Father? It had been because the only method we are able to love our opponents happens when we’ve unconditional love resident within our hearts. And Jesus trained that the best way to gain eternal existence ended up being to love God (the daddy) with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength and also to love our neighbor as ourselves, i.e. unconditional love.

Unconditional love within our hearts may be the only key which will open the doorway to paradise to permit our admittance. It’s time to stop knowing others and therefore stopping our flow of affection for them. When we stop our flow of affection to other people, we’ll lock ourselves from paradise.

The pleasure of allowing God’s like to flow freely and unconditionally through/from us to other people rocks !. When you experience this you’ll never wish to ignore it.

Benefits and warm ideas.

Spiritual teachings of unconditional love resulting in eternal existence are trained within the book Red Hat Speaks by Dorothy K. Daigle. Red Hat Speaks could be purchased from the book shop for $10.95. Let us not wait too lengthy. We’re within the finish occasions. Once the time expires, the area in our eternal future is going to be sealed.