The thought that you are about to start with college is extremely exciting. You start to think about the things you are going to do and what it would be like to live alone. With college comes a lot of independence and responsibilities. When you are looking for York University Residences, you know you need to make the right decision. When you are a student, there are two types of accommodations that you can choose from – long-term and short-term. We are here to tell you about both so you can make an informed decision about the kind of accommodation you want.

Long-Term Accommodation

In long-term accommodation, you would be paying rent on a per annum basis. The options for long-term accommodations are:

Homestay: It is a great option when you are an international student. This type of accommodation is more affordable. It also allows you to interact with locals and become more familiar with the place. One of the things that you need to keep in mind when you opt for homestay is that you have to follow the household’s rules.

Flat: another great long-term option is finding a flat. You can rent an apartment near the university campus. Either you can live alone or also find a friend. Finding a friend to share the flat will help to cut the cost of renting.

On-Campus: This type of accommodation is provided by the college and universities to international students. On-campus accommodation is close to the campus. It is a great option when you are looking for a cheap option. It also makes going to college a lot easier and helps you to get the whole experience of the uni life.

Short-term Accommodation

Following are the options for short-term accommodations that you can consider.

Youth Hostel: If you are pursuing a short course, then a youth hostel is one of the cheapest accommodations that you will ever come across. However, in a youth hostel, you would be required to share your room with others.

Hotel: Booking a hotel room while you pursue your course is another option. However, the cost is dependent on how luxurious the hotel is. You can book a hotel which is closer to where your classes are being held.

Bed and Breakfast: Another very popular short-term accommodation option is renting a Bed and breakfast. You can rent a private room in a house or an establishment. They would provide you with breakfast which is crucial to help you start your day. The rent of the B&B is dependent on the facilities which are being provided by the property.

Do your Research

When you are planning to move to another city and start studying, then you need to find accommodation which is best suited for your needs and the course you are planning to do. If you are headed for a short course, then short term accommodation is a better option. When you are choosing your accommodation make sure that you do your research before making a final decision.